13-Year-Old Fort Bragg Girl Missing in SF Found Safe

UPDATE: Sienna Carter was found safe on Sunday, according to Cold Case Mendocino, a group of citizen investigators who has been working the family.

A 13-year-old girl from Fort Bragg in Mendocino County was last seen in San Francisco Friday, and witnesses and family are scrambling to find her.

Sienna Carter was with her family at UCSF’s Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes when she left the facility to “get some air” and never returned.

According to Cold Case Mendocino, Carter was last seen two miles away from the clinic and was witnessed walking away with a man in the Tenderloin District.

Before walking away with the man, Carter was seen “shivering in the ally” by a restaurant server in the area.

The server, Jaclyn Davis, was concerned about Carter being alone in the city and invited her inside the restaurant. Cold Case Mendocino’s reports state Carter left the restaurant, “walked quickly and met a man, they embraced and walked off on foot.”

Carter was wearing a blue dress and Chuck Taylor’s Converse shoes, the family said on social media.

UC San Francisco Police and Mendocino County Sheriff are currently investigating the case.

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