2 Runways at SFO Closed After Crews Discover Pothole

Two of San Francisco International Airport’s four runways have been closed after crews found a pothole on one of the runways Thursday morning, according to the airport.

The pothole, which was initially described as a “12-inch pavement depression,” was found on runway 28L, which has since been closed for repairs. Runway 1R has also been closed.

Runway 28L is expected to remain closed through 3 p.m. Thursday, according to the airport. Runway 1R is expected to open sometime in the afternoon.

During the closures, travelers may experience delays similar to those seen during bad weather, an airport official said.

Runway Problems at SFO Cause More Delays for TravelersRunway Problems at SFO Cause More Delays for Travelers

Earlier this year, the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit found that the airport is sinking.

Built on landfill, the unsettled ground beneath SFO has long created problems for the airport operations staff. But with an increase in runway traffic over the last decade, the surface cracks caused by subsidence are creating a problem for travelers forced to endure flight delays, according to aviation sources and records reviewed by the Investigative Unit.

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