2-time Wimbledon champ Petra Kvitova testifies at trial of suspect in knife attack

Published 5:18 pm PST, Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Petra Kvitova

The two-time Wimbledon champion who was runner-up to Naomi Osaka last month at the Australian Open testified in the Czech Republic at the trial of Radim Zondra, who allegedly knifed her in her home in December 2016. Kvitova had surgery on injuries to her hand and it took more than five months to recover. Kvitova testified by live video feed from a separate room to avoid facing the suspect. She said when he was holding a knife to her throat from behind, she grabbed the knife with both hands. Kvitova said she found herself lying on the floor: “I was screaming, of course. There was blood all over the place.” She offered him the equivalent of $440 and he left. Zondra, 33, has pleaded not guilty.

Lee Smith

The newly elected Baseball Hall of Famer and Giants minor-league pitching coach took a tour of the Cooperstown, N.Y., museum and said he was overwhelmed. “I’m still in awe,” Smith said after the tour Tuesday, in preparation for his July induction. “Whenever I sign an autograph and someone says, ‘Hey, put Hall of Fame on it,’ I don’t know if the Hall of Fame goes first or the year goes first.” Smith, 61, who emerged as a closer with the Chicago Cubs in the 1980s, will be inducted with Mariano Rivera, the late Roy Halladay, Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez and Harold Baines. “It was unbelievable just to get that call. You wait so many years,” Smith said.

Associated Press

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