Apparently Guy Fieri and Richie Incognito are friends

HBO’s famous “Hard Knocks” documentary program debuted Tuesday night starring the Oakland Raiders, a franchise in the throes of a tumultuous epoch.

Certain football-related concerns — Antonio Brown’s presence, Derek Carr’s competence, Jon Gruden’s sanity — were major themes in the first episode. These subjects, however, paled in urgency to the tragically under-explored subplot of Richie Incognito and Guy Fieri’s friendship.

The scene begins with Raiders superfan Fieri lounging on the sidelines of training camp, arms relaxing on the railing of a barrier. The camera then cuts to Incognito, the infamous offensive lineman, chatting with fellow lineman Lukayus McNeil. McNeil attempts to communicate to Incognito that Fieri is in attendance, describing the celebrity chef as “the dude with the blonde hair, spiky hair who travels around and eats food, you know what I’m talkin’ about, on TV.”

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Incognito, ultimately, picks up McNeil’s drift: “Oh, Guy Fieri,” Incognito responds, with a hint of recognition and brightness in his voice.

“Yeah, he’s over there,” McNeil says.

“Oh, really?” Incognito responds. “Where’s he at? That’s my guy.”

HBO gives no further information about the nature of Incognito and Fieri’s relationship, nor how Fieri came to be Incognito’s “guy.” An internet search revealed no further interaction between the Mayor of Flavortown and the lineman who was suspended for his role in brutally bullying his teammate Jonathan Martin in 2013.

A plea to HBO: Please unearth the truth of this improbable clash of personalities.

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