Apple Arcade is Apple’s new cross-platform gaming subscription

Apple wants to tilt the balance from ad-laden freemium gaming titles towards upfront gaming experiences that can be downloaded across platforms on iOS and macOS.

At the company’s services event, they announced Apple Arcade, their new premium service for gaming across their hardware products. “We want to make gaming even better,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said onstage.

It looks like the company will have a hang in building out the titles by working directly with developer partners to product titles. The subscription will boast 100+ new and exclusive games while Apple will be adding new content “all the time.” Early partners include names like Disney, Konami and Lego.

All games will be playable offline. The subscription will provide access to all of the content in the games without ads. This may be the company’s best chance at leveraging its strength on iOS to finally build a better home for games on Mac.

The service is coming this fall. Apple oddly didn’t detail pricing though they did share it would be launching 150 regions.


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