Baby sea lion wanders onto 101, gets rescued by CHP

A baby sea lion, perhaps in pursuit of pancakes at a nearby Denny’s, wandered onto Highway 101 in South San Francisco Tuesday morning before being corralled to safety.

CHP received a call at 8:34 a.m. that a marine mammal was on 101 North near South Airport Boulevard, stopping multiple vehicles as alarmed motorists tried to shoo the sea lion to safety. With one car putting on its flashers to warn oncoming traffic, another man got out of his car to try to “herd the mammal with a handkerchief.”

Unsurprisingly, this well-intentioned maneuver did not work. The determined little critter soldiered on.

Within minutes, CHP had arrived on the scene and took over the task of getting the sea lion off the road. Video taken by KGO shows the wayward sea lion bobbing its head in the back of a CHP patrol vehicle, the world’s cutest perp, while a bemused officer looks on.

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It’s likely the sea lion came from the nearby Colma Creek, which connects up with the bay.

According to CHP logs, the Marine Mammal Center is handling the remainder of the rescue. We’ve contacted CHP and the Marine Mammal Center and will update this post when we know more about the lost sea lion.

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