BART vs. Muni: Twitter humorously tries to pit the two transportation systems against each other

Updated 6:05 pm PST, Wednesday, January 16, 2019

After a flooding issue caused the Civic Center BART station to close temporarily Wednesday due to flooding on the train platform, BART’s Twitter account found itself at the center of a playful Twitter fight.

BART’s announcement of the station closure was the tweet that kicked off the fight, with Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Mac pointing out that it sure seems like BART was blaming Muni for its flooding issues.

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“Here is what we know: Civic Center Station is currently CLOSED due to flooding on the platform,” read the initial tweet. “An issue on the @sfmta_muni platform was leaking water to our platform. Muni engineers are on scene to fix the issue. BART personnel are on scene too.”

“Also love that one transportation system is blaming another for this,” Mac wrote in response.

It seemed the social media team at BART didn’t take too kindly to this accusation, replying, “‘Blaming.’ It’s what we were informed. People want info on why a whole station is closed, esp [sic] before the evening commute is about to start.”

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But rather than back off, Mac decided to up the ante in a public forum, writing, “So are you agreeing to fight @sfmta_muni or what.”

He also tacked on a Twitter poll to boot, asking users to weigh in on which transportation system would win in a fight, Muni or BART?

At last count, BART was winning by 68 percent over Muni.

See the humorous fight unfold, including Muni’s clever response and a callout to Caltrain, in the slideshow above.

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