Bay Area Joins Nationwide 2019 Women's March

Millions of women and their supporters will hit the streets Saturday from the west coast to the east coast.



Millions to Participation in Annual Women’s March

[BAY] Millions to Participation in Annual Women's March

All across the country, the annual Women’s March is meant to empower women to vote and run for office.

One of the largest events will be held in San Jose.

This year’s theme is “Truth to Power,” and the women’s wave – a wave that this past election reached Capitol Hill.

Crews spent Friday setting the stage for one of the biggest women’s marches in California. In previous years, San Jose saw 25,000 people crowd the streets for the march.

“I think it’s empowering for young people, and people who thought they couldn’t run for office,” said Chandra Brooks with Women’s March San Jose. “I think it’s inspiring a lot of people to accomplish it one day.”

And this is their proof. Never in history has Capitol Hill seen a more diverse group with 98 women currently sitting in the House of Representatives and 13 in the Senate.

Organizers of the San Jose Women’s March said they are just getting started.

“We are not done yet,” said Jenny Higgins, an organizer for Women’s March San Jose. “There’s still a lot of work.”

In San Jose, half of the city councilmembers are women.

“We’re going to roll up our sleeves, run for office, take our seat at decision-making tables, on boards and commissions,” Brooks said.

Organizers said they will be loud on Saturday, and loud again during the next election.

Another source of inspiration for organizers is the Los Altos City Council. The council has five members and all of them are women.

The San Jose march beings at 11 a.m. at City Hall and will end with a rally at Guadalupe River Park.

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