Bay Area Man Killed in Avalanche While Skiing in Montana

A Bay Area man who was killed in an avalanche while skiing in Montana last week was being remembered for his love of adventure.

Ben Hirsch-McShane, 35, died Friday after he and three friends encountered an avalanche in the Tobacco Root Mountains in southwest Montana. The other three skiers survived.

Friend Neil Littman said Hirsch-McShane lived two lifetimes in 35 years.

“He traveled for two years with his wife Sarah around the world,” Littman said. “I’ve been on many adventures with Ben. South America. Around the U.S.”

The San Francisco investment portfolio manager’s last adventure was on the slopes, someplace he truly cherished.

“It really hurts, and it’s sad it ended this way,” Littman said. “I guess a small condolence is he died doing something he loved; he was out on the ski slope.”

Juan Scarlett said he met Hirsch-McShane at work, and they became fast friends. He said he’ll miss his friend’s love of bringing people together.

“He was that person who could walk into a room and walk out with a bunch of friends,” Scarlett said. “How special he made everyone else feel; how included he made people feel, something we’ll miss.”

Hirsch-McShane’s friends are rallying around his widow, starting a GoFundMe page for Sarah McShane as she copes with the sudden loss of her partner in love and adventure.

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