Bay Area Reacts to Controversial 49ers Draft Pick Nick Bosa

The San Francisco 49ers got the second overall draft pick and fans who are focused on the action on the field are thrilled. However, others wonder if Nick Bosa is a fit for the team – and the Bay Area – because of some of his political and social positions.

Bosa’s Twitter feed looks pretty clean now, it’s all about football and the ramp-up to the draft. However, gone are tweets that made people wonder if he or racist and homophobic.

The newly-drafted 49er has tweeted his admiration for President Donald Trump and has also called Colin Kapernick “a clown.”

“I’ve learned from it,” he said after being picked up by the 49ers. “I was insensitive in some of the things I was saying and I’m just glad to be moving on from it and I’m excited to start with the Niners.”

Some folks wonder how he’ll work with the 49ers players who supported Kapernick’s on-field protest against social injustice by kneeling during the national anthem.

Others say it’s just time to play some football.

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