California Among Best States for Traffic Safety Laws

Compared to the other states across the nation, California checks in near the top of the list when it comes to traffic safety laws in effect, according to a new report.

The Golden State was recognized both in terms of the number of safety laws it has in place to keep drivers on the straight and narrow and in terms of the number of traffic-related deaths, according to the report from the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

Those behind the report surveyed states for what they list as 16 fundamental safety laws, from seat belt and helmet laws to laws regarding car seats.

California ties for third in terms of how many basic safety laws the state has, the report found. The state has 10 of the 16 suggested laws, including those focused on seat belts, motorcycle helmets and car seats.

What the report says California lacks are laws restricting when young drivers can get their permits and drive in the dark as well as laws calling for ignition locks for those found to have driven under the influence.

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