Costco eyes opening new Northern California store

El Dorado County leaders said warehouse giant Costco is considering to open a location in El Dorado Hills.

Talks are in the initial stages, according to county spokesperson Carla Hass.

Some neighbors said they’re concerned with the location for the potential store.

Here are five things to know about the possible El Dorado Hills Costco.

1) Is the decision final?

According to Hass, Costco is going through an internal process to review the potential site. The company’s president is expected to visit the location this month.

Hass said the county expects to know Costco’s decision by April.

2) Where is the potential site?
According to the county, the location is located off Silva Valley Parkway, near Highway 50. There are several gated communities surrounding the proposed site. Hass said plans for the store include downward facing LED lights to minimize light pollution and parking lots and delivery locations facing Silva Valley Parkway to limit noise for neighbors.

3) Why build a Costco when there’s one in Folsom?
Hass said the Folsom location is over-capacity. She said opening another location in El Dorado Hills would relive the burden on the Folsom store, making for a better shopping experience for members.

According to Hass, Costco has determined there are 40,000 members in the area where it’s looking to build the new store.

4) What would the store look like?
According to the county, the store would be about 150,000 square feet and have up to 800 parking spots.

Before construction, Hass said community meetings would be held for neighbors to discuss their concerns and share their thoughts on potential designs. Hass said Costco stores have different looks and designs.

5) When could the store open?
If the project were to be green-lighted, Hass said doors could open by 2022. She said environmental studies and permitting would need to be completed. That could take up to a a year and a half to complete.

Construction would take about a year, according to Hass. The county said the store could create up to 250 jobs.

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