Environmental Concerns Over San Jose International Airport’s Expansion Plans

Mineta San Jose International Airport plans to expand in response to a projected increase in passengers in the years ahead.

It is welcome news to travelers who said the South Bay airport is feeling crowded. Officials said SJC is one of the fastest-growing airports in North America.

Expansion plans at the airport include more than a dozen new gates, more flights and possibly an airport hotel.

But not everyone is in favor of the an airport expansion. The Air Quality Management District said SJC’s plans will likely put more greenhouse gasses into the air, both from planes and cars.

“In some of the more affluent cities in the Bay Area, people’s carbon footprint from our travel is roughly half of their footprint for all other things that they do,” said Greg Nudd with the Air Quality Management District.

The impact on the environment will be front and center when the San Jose City Council weighs the airport’s plans on Jan. 14.

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