'Flintstones House' Owner Fights Back Against Lawsuit

The owner of the iconic Flintstones House is fighting back against a lawsuit from the Town of Hillsborough claiming the iconic home along Interstate 280 is a public nuisance.

Owner Florence Fang recently decorated the home with dinosaur statues and a “Yabba Dabba Do” sign. Hillsborough in its lawsuit also cites the landscaping was done without proper permits.

Fang, a prominent member of the Chinese-American community in the Bay Area, has hired the San Francisco-based Law Offices of Mayor Joseph L. Alioto and Angela Alioto.

The firm provided the following statement on Wednesday:

“This is intolerance and elitist behavior from the town of Hillsborough. It is unconstitutional, and we will fight back vigorously in our answer and cross-complaint.”

Look Inside 'Flintstones' House in HillsboroughLook Inside ‘Flintstones’ House in Hillsborough

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