Former Congressional Staffer Berates Trump Supporter

An argument in the South Bay escalated to a physical altercation after a Trump supporter was confronted by a critic.

A supporter of president Donald Trump set up a table in downtown Los Gatos when a woman approach the table and began yelling.

Cyndi Sheehan, a passer-by witnessed the altercation and began recording with phone.

The woman identified as Beth Rosen grabbed Sheehan’s phone and could face criminal charges.

Police said both women accused the other of assault so both were cited for alleged misdemeanor battery and were released.

It was later discovered that Rosen was once a staff member for Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

Political analyst Larry Gerston says the exchange reflects a polarized nation.

“The interaction between the two is unfortunate because as bad as she was the others were goading her and it just leads to trouble,” said Gerston.

Legal analyst Steven Clark said he believes the district attorney will have to review the case about any possible criminal charges.

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