Fremont Teachers, Supporters to ‘Walk-in’ for Fair Contract

Teachers in the East Bay will hit the picket lines Friday morning to call for a better and fair contract with the school district.

Over 2,000 teachers of the Fremont Unified School District as well as some students and parents are expected to hold another “walk-in” as educators continue to be at an impasse in contract talks that have been going on since last April. 

Classes will not be affected, according to organizers, because teachers are participating in a walk-in 30 minutes before the school bell rings in session.

“Educators who are commuting four hours plus per day and are worried about their families because they can’t pay for basic essentials simply can’t concentrate on their students as they want to. Investing in educators invests in students,” Victoria Birbeck-Herrera, President of Fremont Unified District Teacher Association, said in a statement.

Fremont, Oakland Teachers to Rally in Solidarity With LA

[BAY] Fremont, Oakland Teachers to Rally in Solidarity With LA

Teachers are asking for a 4 percent raise they say they need in order to afford to live in the expensive Bay Area. But the district has countered with .71 percent raise, according to the East Bay Times.

The district told the paper that it would have to make draconian cuts of $28 million in order to meet the teachers’ demand and it blames the state for underfunding schools.

Next week, the contract negotiations will move into a fact finding phase. Similar to what Oakland teachers went throught, a neutral arbitrator will examine both sides arguments and report back the findings.

Oakland teachers eventually went on a strike after a fact-finder confirmed what they said they already knew. After a week on the picket line, they came to an agreement with the school district.

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