Giants players go all out in ‘Dress Like Pablo Sandoval’-themed flight

Gold chains, bright prints, sunglasses, and tight pants galore – the San Francisco Giants very endearingly played a bit of dress up on their Sunday evening flight from San Diego to Philadelphia.

Like any other day, Pablo Sandoval walked out of the clubhouse with three gold chains, bedazzled shoes, skinny jeans, and a white button- up, mercilessly stunting on all of us with his supreme fashion sense.

This was business as usual, until the rest of the boys sauntered out, donning chains and tight, bright button-ups themselves for their “Dress Like Pablo”-themed flight to Philly.

GIANTS IN SD: Pablo Sandoval hit a clutch homer. A Giants fan caught it while holding his baby.

Absolutely dripping in panache, the team smiled for the camera while flexing some major sunglasses, a whole lot of Gucci and a wide array of brightly colored patterns.

We’d say the boys hit it out of the park with this one. 

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