Gusty Winds, Cold Temperatures in Bay Area Forecast

The National Weather Service is forecasting gusty winds and temperatures that could drop into the 30s in the Bay Area this week. A high wind advisory has been issued for gusts expected to approach 55 mph in some areas.

The coldest nights are expected to be Thursday and Friday nights, with coastal areas experiencing temperatures in the low 40s.

Weather officials said small portions of some areas may drop into the 20s, such as the southern part of Monterey County, but there is no snow in the forecast.

Due to the cold temperatures, individuals without shelter face the risk of hypothermia, according to weather officials.

Gusty winds could result in downed trees, power outages, difficulty driving and rough seas. Hills above 1,000 feet could see wind gusts of up to 55 mph.

Residents should consider tying down loose objects, bringing in or covering pets, covering farm animals and protecting sensitive vegetation and crops.

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