House fire in San Francisco's Westwood Highlands neighborhood makes skies smoky

You might have noticed it smelled like burning plastic in the south part of San Francisco Monday afternoon.

A fire burning at a home off Monterey Boulevard in the Westwood Highlands neighborhood, near the border of Glen Park, was pumping out a towering plume of smoke.

“It was a huge fire,” said Sunny Chanel, who lives nearby. “Our block is thick with smoke and blocks away, you could hear the crackling of the fire.”

Chanel reports it started after 1 p.m. and looked to be contained by 2:15 p.m., as the sky no longer appeared black with smoke.

The San Francisco Fire Department has yet to release information on the blaze, but users on the SF Citizen app shared video and comments, showing firefighters on the scene.

The story will be updated as we receive more details.

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