How did a $15,000 prosthetic leg fall 10,000 feet from the sky and land in NorCal lumber yard?

Workers at a lumber yard in Cloverdalde, Calif., were surprised to find a perfectly intact prosthetic leg with a sneaker attached among a wood pile.

It turns out the leg belonged to a Marin amputee named Dion who lost it at about 10,000 feet while skydiving on Sunday.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office recovered the leg and used social media to find its owner.

Dion said this isn’t his first lost leg. Another one fell off on another skydiving trip two years ago yet it was never found.

“He promises to make a tether and learn from this but fully plans to stick with his passion,” the Sonoma County Sherrif’s Office said in a Facebook post reporting on the story.

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