It's Rumor Time for the Raiders and the NFL

The offseason gives every fan a chance to eat up rumors and drink in speculation.

Before this free-agent season begins for the Raiders, every NFL free agent-to-be could conceivably play for Jon Gruden in 2019 – including Odell Beckham Jr. First, disgruntled wide receiver Antonio Brown of the Steelers was mentioned as a possible trade subject of the Raiders. Now, it’s Beckham.

Beckham, the Giants’ standout wide receiver, has been rumored to be on the trading block. The latest report came from longtime NFL analyst Jay Glazer.

Beckham – who signed a five-year, $90 million extension with the Giants in 2018 – has been critical of the Giants organization and quarterback Eli Manning, so some believe the franchise might like to send him packing for the right offer. Yet Giants GM Dave Gettleman recently said the Giants have no plans to trade Beckham.

“We didn’t sign him to trade him,” Gettleman told reporters. When one media member followed up, asking if Beckham will be with the Giants in 2019, Gettleman said, “You heard what I said.”

Still, Glazer, who writes for The Athletic, this week predicted Beckham will be traded. And, as Marcus Mosher of Raiders Wire noted, if the Giants are taking offers, the Raiders – with three first-round draft picks, a need for a No. 1 wide receiver and plenty of room under the salary cap – would be a good match.

Wrote Mosher: “On the field, Beckham is a fantastic fit in Jon Gruden’s offense. His ability to run slants and make plays after the catch is what makes him such a special talent. In Gruden’s West Coast offense, it wouldn’t be a shock if he caught 120 passes or so.”

Mosher calls Beckham a “franchise-changing player” who might be worth a deal – if the price is right.

Beckham, meanwhile, responded to Glazer’s report with a post on Twitter Wednesday that featured two emojis: a face with a zippered mouth and another with a smile. For now, he’s not talking.


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