Kevin Durant will announce his free agency decision on his own, just like last time

When Warriors forward Kevin Durant decides whether he’s going to stay in the Bay Area or sign with a new team this summer, you can expect to hear it from him first.

The former MVP announced his decision to join the Warriors in 2016 by tweeting an article he wrote for the Player’s Tribune titled “My Next Chapter,” and Durant will make a similar announcement this time around.

Most player signings and trades are usually reported by members of the media, but Durant will do it himself.

“They need me,” Durant said of the media to NBC Sports Bay Area. “If I wasn’t a free agent, none of this s— would go on, right? None of this speculation about who I am, what’s wrong with my mental, why I’m miserable, why I ain’t happy with life. Nothing.”

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Durant has been particularly irked with media coverage of his impending free agency, and doubled down on those criticisms.

“That’s a hot topic,” he said of his free agency. “But you don’t have to talk about it. And then you don’t have to get mad when I don’t want to talk about it. And then you don’t have to get mad when your little brain is roaming around, but you can’t find the correct answers. That’s bad journalism. That’s not doing your job well.”

As for his actual free agency plans, Durant says he doesn’t know what he will do yet.

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“I don’t know. I never know,” he said. “Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don’t think about the future, bro. Like that. Of course, I think about it, but not like, let me make these [plans], let me go ahead and go through the logistics and the details. I don’t go through details on s— like this.”

NBA free agency doesn’t officially open until July 1, so it will be a while until Durant makes his decision known to the world.

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