'King Tides' Prompt Coastal Flood Advisory; Rain on the Way

The persistence of “king tides” has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a coastal flood advisory from 10 a.m. through 2 p.m. Monday, impacting low-lying areas along the coast and inland bays.

“King tide” isn’t really a scientific term, but rather a catch-all term referring to higher-than-normal tides that often accompany a new or full moon.

In other weather-related notes for the coming week:


  • Rainfall of between one-quarter and 1 inch is expected over much of the Bay Area late Sunday and most of Monday, spurred by a cold front coming in. There also could be sporadic lightning and thunder.
  • Heavy winds are possible starting late Monday afternoon and going into Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service says.
  • Cold overnight temperatures — low- to mid-40s along the coast and San Francisco Bay shorelines, down into the 30s in inland valleys – are expected starting Wednesday night.

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