Lawyer: Calif. Rapper Killed by Police Was Shot 25 Times

A California rapper who was fatally shot by police after he was found unresponsive in his car was struck by around 25 bullets, according to a lawyer for his family, NBC News reported. 

Vallejo police said they were responding to a call of man slumped behind the wheel of a car with the engine running when they noticed 20-year-old Willie McCoy had a gun in his lap. Officials said McCoy abruptly moved and six officers “fearing for their safety” opened fire outside a Bay Area Taco Bell.

The local rapper, who is known as Willie Bo and performed with the group FBG, sustained injuries to his face, throat, shoulders, chest and arm, Oakland attorney Melissa Nold said. 

“Overkill is an understatement,” Nold said, noting one of the shots blew off part of McCoy’s ear. 


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