Looking to save $76,000 on your 49ers tickets? Now's the time to buy.

If the shaky state of the stock market has you looking for another risky place to park your fortune, you may want to consider buying low (relatively) on a 49ers Stadium Builders License at Levi’s.

Discount shopping has been the norm at the team’s seat license exchange roughly since the Santa Clara stadium opened in 2014. But Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg spotted a particularly impressive discount in the club section earlier this week.

Four seats in the red club section – the second most expensive tier of seats at the stadium – were listed for a total of $44,000. As the stadium website notes, the original price for the seat license, which obligates you to buy all of the team’s home games, originally would have been $30,000 each, for a $120,000 total. That means you can save $76,000 of the original price. In return, you are required to spend an additional $1,400 on the four seats at future home games.

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A year ago, a strong finish to the season and ceaseless Jimmy Garoppolo exuberance had experts saying Levi’s had been resurrected. The 49ers were pegged as a potential 10-win team. Now that those 10 wins turned out to be just four, season ticket values appear to have fallen more than ever.

When The Chronicle reported in April 2016 that the business model for the stadium was “fizzling,” they noted that a total 382 licenses had changed hands over a 12-month span. Even with the preseason excitement, only 369 licenses were sold this year, and only 76 licenses covering 174 seats had transferred in the last six months, according to the stadium website. That seat total represents about a quarter of a percent of the stadium seating capacity.

What’s more impressive is the size of the discounts offered as people attempt to unload seats. A year after the stadium opened, fans were looking to sell for discounts in the 25 to 30 percent range. Now you can pay fifty cents on the dollar, or far less. Here are a few we offers we found on Wednesday:

  • 2 seats in section 420 offered at $325 each. That’s an 84 percent discount off the original $2,000 per seat SBL cost. These are the least expensive we found at any level.
  • 2 seats in section 106 for $1,650. That’s 72 percent off the $6,000 seat licenses.  
  • 2 club section 219 seats for $4,975. That’s a 75 percent discount off the $20,000 price in the most affordable tier of the “club” seating. 
  • In the grey “legacy club” – the most-expensive seating area – there were multiple offers at $50,000 per seat, a 37 percent savings off the $80,000 seat license fee. 

As The Chronicle previously pointed out, fans who hold a seat license but fail to pay for season tickets risk forfeiting that money anyway. And given the fact that seats can be purchased for under face value at the vast majority of games, the incentive to lock in season tickets, even at the discounted prices, is low.

That rapid decline in value even has one fan on Craigslist asking you to simply hand over your SBL, saying the upper deck seats “don’t have much value.”

“We can help each other because I will accept yours for free or for very cheap,” reads the posting. So that’s still an option.

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To be fair, there are some even cheaper seat licenses available at AT&T Park, but Giants fans got a lower initial price, years of reliable resale and three World Series runs out of the bargain.

Are you a fan trying to figure out what to do with your seat license? We’d like to hear from you. Please leave us a comment below.

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