More Affordable Housing Units Coming to San Jose

It’s an empty lot right now, but an acre of land near downtown San Jose will eventually be home to roughly 130 affordable housing units.

The units, which will be built in the area of Delmas and Auzerais avenues, should be ready in about two years.

Funding for the affordable housing project comes from the $950 million housing bond that Santa Clara County voters approved with Measure A back in 2016.

The goal of Measure A was to create 4,800 housing units across six cities in Santa Clara County during a 10-year span. County leaders on Monday said they are roughly one-third of the way to that goal, which means they are ahead of schedule.

Neighbors in the Delmas-Auzerais area seem to be pleased with the project in their area.

“I’m just as happy to have a low income, affordable housing here as to have market rate,” Delmas Park Neighborhood President Sarah Springer said. “We need something on the site and we need people to have a place to live. And the homeless need a place to live as well as anybody else.”

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