Murder Charges Filed in July 31 Antioch Shooting

An apparent ex-convict with violent crime offenses dating back to the late 1990s has been charged with murder in the shooting of Reuben Buckingham last month in Antioch.

Buckingham, 33, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, and emergency crews found him in the vicinity of Cavallo Road and East 18th Street around 10:20 p.m. Wednesday, July 31.

He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

When Antioch police released information about the homicide they indicated that a suspect had been taken into custody for questioning, but declined to identify that person.

Nearly three weeks later, Contra Costa County prosecutors charged 41-year-old Lawrence Murphy with one count of murder and special allegations involving the use of a gun. Murphy allegedly has prior convictions for assault with a deadly weapon and shooting into an inhabited dwelling or occupied car dating back to 1998.

Murphy, a tall black man with long dreadlocks hanging down his back, was wearing a yellow jumpsuit Tuesday afternoon when he appeared in-custody at an arraignment in a Pittsburg courtroom.

No plea was entered, however, as he has not yet been assigned an attorney. Murphy is scheduled to return to court Monday.

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