Mystery Solved: 16-Year-Old Details How Burger Got to Queens

Lincoln Boehm wanted to know how a pristine In-N-Out burger ended up on a New York City street and he got his answer Wednesday from a 16-year-old girl in Queens.

The double double’s journey was published on Vice’s website by Boehm himself, who discovered the sad sight of the popular West Coast fast food chain’s burger on Saturday.

“Hi. This is actually my burger. You may not believe me,” Boehm received the message on Instagram from Helen Vivas, a high schooler who lives in Flushing.

Vivas told Boehm that she had just gotten off a flight from San Diego where she purchased several In-N-Out burgers. As she tried to get home from JFK Airport, she ran after the Q44 bus, burgers in hand, but the greased up paper bag was not made to withstand her sprint.

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She managed to catch two of the three burgers before they fell on the street. “THE TRUTH COMES OUT!!!,” Boehm tweeted.

The 31-year-old writer started selling t-shirts on the viral incident. He says the proceeds will go to the New York City Food Bank.

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