NASA Workers Protest Government Shutdown

As the government shutdown continues, dozens of Bay Area scientists, janitors, and researchers who work at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View organized a march to protest their inability to work Friday.

“I think a lot of us, we have a lot wrapped up in what we do,” said Matt Ditzler. “We just want to get back to work.” 

Workers received support from politicians as they protest to end the shutdown.

“Their voices need to be heard, we need to open the government, if you have a policy disagreement, you talk about it, you don’t hold a million people hostage,” said Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. 

NASA scientist are not the only ones feeling the effect of the shutdown, NASA’s janitorial crew have also not been able to work. 

“The situation is bad, myself, I don’t have money to pay the rent, electricity,” said Daniel Gitan a NASA Ames employee. 

The Second Harvest Food Bank donated food to the furloughed workers in order to help them feed their families.

In addition to marches and donations, the union representing these NASA workers have been pooling union dues to loan money to workers who need it to pay bills.

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