New Evidence May Help Solve SF’s ‘Black Doodler’ Cold Case

A major announcement is expected Wednesday in the cold case of a San Francisco serial killer who has avoided police for 45 years.

Known as “The Black Doodler,” he is believed responsible for killing 14 gay men all over San Francisco from 1974 to 1975 and now, new DNA evidence has surfaced.

No arrests have ever been made in connection to the killer who was dubbed the Doodler because he was a black man who would sketch, or doodle gay people he wanted to meet and kill.

“There was terror,” said long-time gay activist Cleve Jones.

The bodies were found all over the city, ocean Beach and parks but the killings received little press coverage.

“[The media was] very reluctant to cover what was going on in the gay community at that time and when the coverage did occur it was very lurid and very sensational and not very helpful,” said Jones.

Jones, an associate of the late Supervisor Harvey Milk, said four victims survived the attack at the hands of the Black Doodler, but were reluctant to cooperate with police.

“You have to understand that consenting sexual behavior between adults of the same gender was illegal, in fact a felony,” she said.

San Francisco resident Matteo Wright remembers when the killer struck, he said the killings were all the talk in the gay community. However, he and his friends believed this could never happen to them.

“We were young and free, and we weren’t too serious,” Wright said.

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