New Skid Marks Raise Concerns at Crash Scene Where 3 Teens Died on Christmas

There are new worries Saturday about the narrow stretch of road where three east bay Dublin High School teens lost their lives on Christmas night.

Fresh skid marks have appeared near the crash scene, and some fear that other teens may be paying a dangerous tribute to the young victims of that tragic wreck.

Neighbor Jean Beanland said she woke up around 11 p.m. Friday
to the sound of tires squealing.

“It was crazy,” she said. “I mean, it just kept going and
going and going and going.”

Many neighbors spoke about the potentially deadly tribute on
a Pleasanton Facebook group Saturday, hoping nobody else is killed in a
misguided effort to honor the three 16-year-olds.

“They’re not thinking rationally like an adult would,” said

The road, which is narrow, winding and has no shoulder, has
had at least three other deadly crashes since 2007 involving drivers in their

Steve Thomas, a former PG&E employee who responded to
numerous crashes on Foothill Road in his 40-year career, remembers one
specifically in the 1990s.

“There were four involved in that, and I had to come out and
relieve the crew that had been out there all night – and they were all sick to
their stomachs,” Thomas said.

Thomas said there were many more involving teenagers who
lost control of their cars, usually driving too fast. He and Beanland encourage
parents to talk to their young drivers about the inherent dangers on Foothill
Road, and the need to drive at reasonable speeds.

“I do have concerns about that stretch of road,” Beanland
said. “It’s very dangerous.”

“People just go way too fast – I mean, way too fast,” Thomas

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