Oakland Diocese Releases List of Clergy Accused of Abuse

The bishop for the Diocese of Oakland on Monday published the names of dozens of priests, deacons and brothers who have worked with or lived in the East Bay diocese and have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors.

The list includes 20 diocesan priests, 22 religious order priests, deacons and brothers, and three priests from other dioceses who have spent time working in the diocese, according to Bishop Michael C. Barber, S.J.

“My first reaction in seeing the list of names of priests who have abused, is one of deep shame,” Barber wrote in a letter. “These are monstrous crimes, committed by priests who are supposed to model virtue and grace, not sin and harm. By publishing this list, I am making an “Act of Contrition” on behalf of my Church.”

The credible accusations of abuse reported by the diocese occurred between the 1950s and 1980s, according to Barber.

“I can assure that today, no priest or deacon who is in active ministry in the Diocese of Oakland has a credible allegation of abuse of a minor,” Barber wrote in his message.

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