Personal Finance Daily: The first woman to pilot an F-35 fighter jet talks sexism and ‘killing bad guys’ and an alarming number of children in America can’t afford food

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An alarming number of children in America can’t afford food

Experts say many people that are ‘food insecure’ work low-paid jobs, yet still don’t qualify as SNAP recipients.

Male characters on kids TV shows use STEM skills, female characters use magic

Lessons from the #MeToo era do not appear to have made their way to children’s television.

Republicans and Democrats cite the same Federal Reserve data in high-stakes debate on payday lenders

The public has until May 15 to comment on a CFPB proposal to roll back Obama-era restrictions on payday loans.

The meals professional chefs would make if they had just 10 minutes and two dollars

Even when you’re strapped for time, and money, you can make something yummy.

The first woman to pilot an F-35 fighter jet talks sexism and ‘killing bad guys’

Retired Air Force lieutenant colonel Christine Mau, who now works for Lockheed Martin training F-35 pilots, says ‘flying is the ultimate equalizer.’

The genius move behind Facebook groups: Mining users for more valuable data

Unveiling the social network’s redesign, Mark Zuckerberg talked up digital ‘living rooms’ where people can have more revealing, intimate conversations.

Universal basic income in the U.S. would be bad for your mental health

Work keeps you sane and happy, says Jared Dillian.

High blood pressure? You’re 3 times as likely to die from cardiovascular disease if you also have work stress and poor sleep

Just 54% of adults with high blood pressure have it under control, according to the CDC.

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Fed holds interest rates steady as economy grows at ‘solid rate’ and inflation stays low

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday left unchanged a key U.S. interest rate that influences the cost of borrowing for mortgage and all sorts of consumer and business loans, noting a recent decline in inflation even as the economy continues to grow “at a solid rate.”

Just when you got used to core inflation, Powell talks up another measure — ‘trimmed mean’

By now most people have got used to the fact that the Federal Reserve likes to exclude food and energy when it looks at inflation.

Senator raises concerns over data-protection rules hurting small businesses, ‘inadvertently’ decreasing privacy

As analysts give low odds for a new nationwide privacy law becoming a reality this year, one key lawmaker might be helping them feel confident about that prediction.

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