Police Ramp Up Presence at Cal High Amid Threats

Some East Bay parents might keep their students away from California High School Thursday following the recent discoveries of threats of violence.

The principal of the San Ramon high school indicated that there would be a considerable police presence on and around the campus Thursday. He also noted that there are 47 surveillance cameras at the school and additional administrators who will support teachers and staff.

This is at least the third time someone has threatened violence at Cal High in recent years. The most recent threat happened Wednesday.

Students reported seeing graffiti in a bathroom in the fine arts building that read, “Tomorrow, library will be shot up first, then courtyard and then myself” in addition to a racist comment directed at African Americans.

Last week, students found graffiti in another restroom that read: “Cal will be shot up 5/9. Final warning.”

The principal released a letter to parents Wednesday outlining the most recent threat and the police response.

“Despite this presence, some families will choose to keep their children home from school tomorrow and we fully support the decision that you make as a family,” the statement read. “We understand and will work with teachers to ensure an absence tomorrow does not impact students.”

Last year, police arrested a freshman student for allegedly plotting to shoot six students they had on a hit list.

The district attorney’s office reviewed the evidence and decided not to press charges.

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