Preds’ P.K. Subban reaches out to teen hockey player facing racial abuse.

Published 5:23 pm PST, Tuesday, January 8, 2019

P.K. Subban

The Nashville Predators’ defenseman has reached out to a Detroit-area teenage hockey player facing racial abuse. Subban recorded a video and texted it to Ty Cornett, 13, last week. “I can tell you this right now: As long as you’re still breathing in this world, you’ve got to believe in yourself and let nobody tell you what you can and can’t do, especially if it’s because of the color of your skin,” said Subban, who is black. “In this world, some things happen that we don’t really understand. That’s OK. We don’t have to understand them. All we need to do is understand ourselves, believe in ourselves, keep trying and keep pushing forward.” Matthew Cornett, Ty’s father, says his son has watched the video more than 500 times. “This video meant more to my family than anything,” he said.

Michael Phelps

The most-decorated Olympic swimmer of all time is the recipient of the Ruderman Family Foundation’s fifth annual Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion. The Boston-based organization, a leading voice in calling for more opportunities for the disabled, said it is recognizing Phelps’ advocacy for people with disabilities and “his own journey with mental health.” Phelps has gone public about his struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide. Last year, the 23-time Olympic gold medalist announced a partnership with Talkspace, which provides online therapy for those who are going through tough times.

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