Pro-Life Students Allegedly Kicked Out of SF Art Gallery

Some abortion opponents who were in San Francisco for the Walk for Life over the weekend say they were outraged after they claim they were told to leave an art gallery in the city because of their views on the issue.

The group of students from California State University, Sacramento said around 9:15 p.m. Saturday they entered the Dennis Rae Fine Art gallery located on Beach Street. They said a woman working at the gallery approached them and asked if they were part of the pro-life walk. After responding with a yes, the students claim the woman told them to leave.

“Just an FYI, we’re getting kicked out because we’re pro-life,” someone can be heard saying in a video that captured part of the encounter. 

“Good, yes, yes,” the woman at the gallery says in response. “I am pro-life. I am pro-choice. You are pro-death.”

Workers at the art gallery declined to speak on camera, but they said they were trying to close the gallery when the students walked in.

The workers added that the students wouldn’t leave and that the woman seen in the video felt threatened.

The students maintained they were respectful and did nothing wrong.

“I felt like it was very like 1950s, like getting kicked out of a restaurant because of your race,” Carmen Perez said. “But in this case, it was because of our political views.”

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