Saints fans protest missed call with voodoo dolls, cookies

A New Orleans bakery is turning out thousands of cookies with a picture of a referee with a circle and slash mark across it in red icing.

The owner of a locksmith shop has hung posters and signs taking aim at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and some residents have hung posters of a referee wearing a blindfold.

Saints fans have found some pretty creative ways to express their displeasure over the infamous “no call” during last weekend’s NFC Championship Game between the Saints and Rams. But their newest tactic may make the loudest statement — a Super Bowl boycott.

“We’re angry,” said Lauren Haydel, a Saints fan and business owner who has started printing and selling T-shirts featuring a referee voodoo doll with pins sticking out of it from her Fleurty Girl retail stores.

Haydel says she’ll be joining the boycott and won’t watch the Super Bowl, which is Feb. 3.

“We’re not even going to go to a place with TVs on,” she said. “I don’t care to watch it.”

Haydel said fans were looking forward to a Saints appearance in the Super Bowl in Atlanta, and a boycott of the game is the best response the Who Dat Nation can give.

“That’s how we’ll really stick it to them where it hurts,” she said.

Several bars in the city have said they won’t be showing the game, and residents say they’re making other plans to avoid the game. Some are attending so-called “Boycott Bowl” parties.

Though lawsuits have been filed by Saints season ticket holders asking a Louisiana court to reverse the results or reschedule the game, experts give the move little chance of success.

Vinatieri re-ups with Colts: Kicker Adam Vinatieri, 46, will play another season with the Indianapolis Colts. His new deal was announced by general manager Chris Ballard. Terms were not immediately available.

Vinatieri will have a chance to add to his NFL career records of 2,600 points and 690 field goals. His next game will be No. 354, breaking a tie with Gary Anderson for second on the all-time list. He could join Anderson and George Blanda as the only players to appear in an NFL game at 47. Vinatieri’s birthday is Dec. 28.

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