San Bruno Home Listed at $1.6M Despite Burned-Out Kitchen

A home for sale on the Peninsula is turning a lot of heads, not only because of the $1.6 million asking price, but even more so for what it’s missing.

Real estate agent Debbie Lamika describes the San Bruno home as “very unique.” That certainly qualifies as an accurate assessment of a home that essentially has no kitchen.

“It’s just going to take a little bit of work,” Lamika said.

A fire destroyed the kitchen about a year ago, and there’s smoke damage all over the top floor. The homeowner just settled with the insurance company and put the home on the market.

“So the seller wanted to see if he could sell it as is,” Lammika said. “The market is still pretty good.”

There are appealing things about the four-bedroom, four-bath, 2,350-square-foot home. The exterior property and, of course, the location is hard to beat.

“The home itself is so nicely positioned,” Lamika noted. “It’s not that far from downtown.”

It’s listed as a fixer upper, and yet it’s garnering quite a bit of interest, she said.

“Yeah, I’m showing it almost every day,” Lamika said. “It offers the opportunity for someone to get in for less than $2 million. If this were fixed and ready to move in, it would be listed around $2.6 million.”

The median home price in San Carlos is around $2 million, according to Zillow. Lamika estimates it’ll take around $400,000 to renovate the home.

She already has seven offers.

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