San Francsico Muni to Inspect its Doors After Another Mishap

The San Francisco Muni is scrambling to conduct emergency inspections of its trains after another door mishap Tuesday, NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit learned.

In just over a month, a second woman’s wrist was caught in a door from inside a train. On April 12, video showed a woman getting dragged onto the tracks after her hand got stuck between the closing doors of a train.

She filed a claim against the city of San Francisco claiming she suffered several broken ribs, a collapsed lung and spinal fractures.

Woman Dragged by Muni Files Claims Against City of SFWoman Dragged by Muni Files Claims Against City of SF

The woman who was injured Tuesday, was reportedly stuck on the door for about one block before another passenger alerted an operator who then opened the door.

The extent of her injuries are unknown.

Following the second incident, Muni said it was inspecting 60 cars by June 14.

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