Santa Clara Co. Homeless Population Increased: 2019 Census

The homeless population in Santa Clara County has significantly increased over the past two years, according to a new census released Thursday by county officials.

County officials conducted the biennial homeless census over two days in January 2019 and found 9,706 homeless adults living in the county’s 15 cities and unincorporated areas, an increase of 2,312 from the 2017 count. 

In San Jose, the overall homeless population was 6,172, which is 1,822 more than the 2017 count.

The county says it housed approximately 4,000 formerly homeless families and individuals since 2017 but the regional increase in homeless population is outpacing the county’s effort to find people a place to live.

Thousands of SJSU Students Struggling With Homelessness

[BAY] Thousands of SJSU Students Struggling With Homelessness

“The high cost and shortage of housing are making a bad problem worse. Combining our efforts to prevent homelessness and create supportive housing with 2016 Measure A – Affordable Housing Bond – funds will continue to be an essential strategy in addressing homelessness. So far, the County has committed $234 million of Measure A funds toward 19 housing developments that will collectively add 1,437 apartments for the most vulnerable in our community,” Joe Simitian, President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, said in a statement.

The census also found an increase for chronically homeless and the unsheltered population.

Countywide, the number of chronically homeless was 2,470, an increase of 373 over 2017. The percentage of homeless county residents who were unsheltered was 82 percent, up from 74 percent in 2017, the county said.

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