Santa Rosa Releases Names of Priests Accused of Abuse

The Diocese of Santa Rosa on Saturday released a list of priests and bishops who have been accused of sexual abuse and misconduct.

In a news release, Bishop Robert F. Vasa said he wants to express “sincere sorrow that so many have been subjected to the evil actions of priests and bishops.” His primary goal in releasing the names is to give victims of sexual abuse the assurance that they have been heard in the church, he said.

“It is my deepest prayer and hope that this release of names in a consolidated fashion says to any of you who are victims, we have heard you, we believe you, we affirm you in your trauma and we want to help with a healing process,” Vasa said.

The majority of the accusations occured decades ago, the bishop said, but some incidents occured as late as 2006 and 2008.

The list of names is divided into four sets: (1) indicates the names that have previously been released in Janurary 2004; (2) are priests whose names have become a part of public record; (3) designates accusations that have been deemed credible and well founded by the Diocesan Review Board; and (4) are names of the accused who had varying degress of connection to the Diocese of Santa Rosa and who had accusations against them from other places.

The Diocese of Santa says it will hold a press conference on Monday at 10:00 am at the Diocesan Chancery, 985 Airway Crt. to respond to any questions regarding the releasing the names of accused priests and deacons who served in Santa Rosa.

See the Diocese’s list below:

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