Season of Sharing donor list

Fund total as of Dec. 26: $8,792,591

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Felicia Adler, in memory of Randolph Marcus Adler

Supporter ($500-$999): Pat & Marc Strohlein, in honor of all those who volunteer in their community

Collaborator ($250-$499): Naomi Groeschel, in memory of Marian Isaacs

Contributor ($100-$149): Anonymous, in memory of Bud & Marge Dolan; Anonymous, in memory of Helen Mirassou; Anonymous, in memory of my two brothers

Friend ($50-$99): Anonymous, in memory of Doris Fumagali; David G. Fink, in memory of my grandmother, Annie Levanthal White

Additional donations: Tim & Anne Brydon; Cathy Devito; Jay Folberg & Diana Taylor; Ragnhild Fougner, in memory of Annie K. Aagaard; Helene Trescony Frakes; Hallie Friedman, in memory of housing counselor extraordinaire, Georgette Dunham; Linda M. Grady, in memory of Valentina Irene Grady; Nik Grant; Rosalind W. Harper, in memory of Olin, Bert, and Leslie West; Thomas Heatwole, in memory of Peggy Heatwole; Reed & Trish Kawahara; Cheryl Ann Leger; Kemper Lloyd; Kathryn MacDonald; Katherine Mack, in memory of Pamela Colnett; Mah Family; Bradley Owens, in memory of Richard Owens & Cecile Owens; Marc Passen, in memory of Joe & Ruth Passen; Pierre & Kathleen, in honor of Mercedes de la Rocha; Carla & Bill Raffetto; Dawn & Keith Reyen, in memory of Nancy Thompson; Sharmi; Vic & Anna-Lisa Silvestre, in memory of Roger Baxter, M.D.; Linda Stromberg, in memory of John Belli; Patricia Thomas, in memory of Hazel V. Boyd, Sylvia M. Boyd, and Virginia Neumann; Stacy Treco, in memory of Ken Treco; Sally Ann Unruh, in memory of Don Unruh; Lilly Urbach, in honor of children or lonely old souls; Kenn Van Cleve, in honor of Susan Rosenberg; Linda Weiner; Adrian Wheeler, in memory of Vera J. Brown; Adriana Williams; Delene Wolf

Anonymous donations in honor of: Cynthia & Igor Abramov; Gil Cho; Eric Greenhut; Mark & Janelle Hawley; Libby & Chris Kelly; Nancy Erb & Dick Kolbert; Frank & Sara Matyskiela; Pat, Bob, and Dixon; Steve Rubinstein; Susan Rutberg and family; Robert Scott; Kenn Van Cleve

Anonymous donations in memory of: Ann Grace & Dorthea Garcia; my sister, Jean Hampoyan; Marilyn Heinrichs and Russell Hongola; Fred & Dorothy Higbee; Amanda Overmyer; Pimentel and Pardini Families; Max & Ubalda Torres

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