SF Hardware Store Reopens a Year After Devastating Fire

San Francisco’s West Portal community came together to help a local hardware store reopen one year after a devastating fire gutted the shop.

On Wednesday, Papenhausen Hardware Store was back in business.

One of the store’s owners said the business had a hard time recovering after the fire, but thanks to their loyal customers, they were able to find a new spot to set up shop.

“We tried to find a place, but we couldn’t,” Karl Aguilar said. “So we put it out to the community, and the community called the leasing agent and told them how important we were, and they got it for us in a couple days.”

The new store, located just a few doors away on West Portal, will be a temporary location until renovations at the permanent location are complete.

The owners say they’re happy to get the employees back to work and see familiar customer faces.

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