Sinking Sidewalks in San Francisco Cause Concern

One of San Francisco’s newest neighborhood has a sidewalk problem. A safety issue NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit first revealed in 2016 and two years later little has been done to fix it.

The sidewalks on 4th Street and Mission Bay have been separating for a while and residents don’t need to read the sign to notice it’s unsafe.

“It’s been like this for a while,” said Aakash Rathi.

Experts say Mission Bay was built on fill and while the buildings were constructed with poles to prevent sinking into the soft soil, the sidewalks were not.

Though many have been fixed, the sips on 4th Street remain.

The property owners, Sares Regis Group, has a permit to put in adjustable sidewalk panels. Tenants of the building got an email saying the sidewalk renovation starts February with a test phase.

“Completely unacceptable,” said Supervisor Matt Haney who added the neighborhood doesn’t need test sidewalks, it needs a permanent fix.

“My concern is what if they keep sinking and having problems this is going to take on going oversight and accountability to make sure it’s fixed not fair to residents or businesses,” said Haney.

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