Steph Curry is an ‘avid customer’ at this surprising Bay Area food spot

If we’ve learned anything about Stephen Curry’s Bay Area food tastes, it’s that he’s never fussy. In a region known for $21 cocktails and overpriced toast, the Warriors star seems to lean toward fast, casual and diverse cuisine.

The latest example of his food preferences is on display in his latest YouTube series, when he takes eSports pros Myth and Hamlinz on a drive to “one of my favorite spots in the bay.”

That spot is KoJa Kitchen’s Alamo location, one of several they have throughout the Bay Area. The Korean-Japanese fusion favorite started as a San Francisco food truck in 2011, before opening its first brick-and-mortar location in 2014.

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“It is unreal,” Curry tells his guests. “It’s like these Korean short rib sandwiches, but the buns are crispy rice.”

“I’m an avid customer, as you know,” he adds.

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Curry orders The Original KoJa (Korean BBQ short rib, sesame vinaigrette lettuce, katsu aioli, sesame seeds) and kamikaze fries, their waffle-cut fries with beef and sauces on top.

In the past, Curry has visited Scotch Bonnet, a Jamaican food truck, and Oakland classic Tacos Sinaloa. His YouTube segment is filmed on his drive home from games, so we’ll see if next season, he’s trying places in San Francisco instead.

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