Stephen Curry outs the arena with the worst popcorn in the NBA

Stephen Curry is a popcorn connoisseur. It’s his favorite snack, his guilty pleasure.

“I have a huge popcorn addiction,” he admits.

As such, he keeps a running list of who has the best and worst popcorn in the league. In his latest YouTube video, Curry reveals his criteria for ranking NBA arena popcorn: freshness, saltiness butteriness and crunch. Based on that, he’s come up with his ultimate NBA popcorn vendors.

His number one? The Brooklyn Nets. They’re followed by the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks.

“At the very bottom is L.A. I don’t know what happened in L.A.,” Curry says in the video. “But sorry, they have the worst popcorn in the league. They gotta get better.”

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Popcorn is sold by several vendors in the Staples Center, all of whom are now learning Stephen Curry not only eats their popcorn, but thinks it’s wildly sub-par.

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After putting Los Angeles popcorn on blast, Curry chats with Stanford swimming star Katie Ledecky and Riley Morrison, the young fan who collaborated with Curry after writing him a letter to ask why he didn’t sell his signature shoe in girls’ sizes.

“You really inspired a lot of people in whatever situation they’re in, if they want to see some change, take some action,” Curry tells Morrison. “I appreciate you on that.”

The Warriors star also takes his newfound friends to one of his favorite taco spots: Taqueria Sinaloa. While eating, Curry asks Ledecky if he can attend a Stanford swimming practice. She eagerly agrees, so if you’re on the Stanford campus, keep an eye out for a guest appearance by Curry.

You can watch the entire episode (the popcorn debate happens at 2:10) in the clip above.

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