Teachers Union Makes Counter-Offer in New Haven Strike

The teachers union made a counter-offer Sunday in the ongoing labor talks with the New Haven Unified School District, “in an effort to end this 10-day teacher strike,” according to a Facebook post.

The counter-offer includes a 6% salary increase over two years, restoration for the days on strike and opportunities for retiring teachers to earn a full year of credit toward their retirement, the NHTA said.

“We want to end this strike, and this bargaining team has made considerable movement,” NHTA President Joe Ku’e Angeles. “The proposal falls within the recommendation of the neutral fact-finding report, which was put together by an experienced, conservative fact-finder.”

Both sides have moved from their original positions. Teachers originally asked for a 10% pay hike over two years then proposed cost-of-living adjustments of 3.7% for this year and 3.26% for next year.

State Superintendent Steps In To Help New Haven Teacher Strike

[BAY] State Superintendent Steps In To Help New Haven Teacher Strike

The district originally countered with a 1% raise for 2019-2020 and a one-time 3% payment, along with an additional raise of up to 1% if it was able to add up to $2 million to its budget. The district’s lates offer is was a 3% increase for this year and a 2% pay hike in January 2020, according to district officials.

District officials say they cannot afford to meet the teachers’ demands without needing to make significant cuts elsewhere in the district.

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