The Lonely Island just released an incredibly Bay Area Netflix special parodying the Bash Brothers

If you grew up with that Bash Brothers poster on your bedroom wall, congratulations, your favorite YouTube video of all time just dropped.

In a Beastie Boys-inspired rap promoting the newly-released Netflix special “The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience,” fake Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco return to the streets of Oakland with a syringe full of steroid jokes and some much smaller bats than the ones in your poster.

“In a stunning act of artistry/ fandom, Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer (who were born to play Canseco and McGwire due to their equally muscular physiques), have gifted all of Netflix’s 190 countries with a 27-minute musical poem experience honoring The Bash Brothers, the Oakland A’s, and the game of baseball,” reads an Instagram post from the comedy troupe founded in Berkeley.

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Included is an 11-song playlist is, wow, a lot of steroid jokes. Buried in the (extremely not safe for work) lyrics from Schaffer (McGwire) and SNL veteran Andy Samberg (Canseco) are a ton of hat tips to the Bay Area.

The video includes an image of a BART station and glimpses of a satin A’s jacket. Somehow, amazingly, that split Giants-A’s hat makes no appearance. Local sports celebrity stalkers will also appreciate this line:

“I reside in Blackhawk in a big f—ing house. My community is gated cause I don’t strike out.”

Here’s a look at the full video:

[embedded content]

The show is streaming now on Netflix.

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