Uber Unveils ‘Quiet Mode,’ Live Help and More Features

What to Know

  • Uber has rolled out a suite of new personalization features for its Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium customers

  • One of the features is quiet mode — so you can hush up that yakking driver with a simple tap on your phone. Temperature control is another

  • Having an issue with your driver? Try the live phone support feature; and you can also give your driver a heads up if you need luggage help

Tired of your Uber driver yakking away when you just want a few moments of peace? The ride-share company unveiled a slew of new features Wednesday to put an end to that frustration — and others — if you’re willing to pay a premium. 

The new package that debuted in San Francisco Bay Area and 34 other cities in the U.S. and Canada Wednesday is for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV, “the original luxury experiences where it all started,” Uber said. 

The point is to offer a suite of personalization options — from quiet mode, where you can shut up your driver with a single tap, to help with luggage, where you can give your driver an early heads up that you’ll need a pair of extra hands. 

Other features include temperature control, extended pickup period, which gives you a few minutes more than the standard to deal with last-minute hiccups, driver professionalism and premium support, which gives you access to live Uber agents if something comes up. 

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There’s also an option called consistent vehicle quality, so you can expect the same kinds of rides every time, with consistent vehicle model, makes, interiors and exteriors. 

Uber Black typically costs a whole lot more than typical UberX — like 75 percent more. For example, if you wanted to take an Uber Black from SFO to SJC Friday morning, you’d be looking at $59.03 versus $155.34. Uber Black SUV would cost even more — $182.10 for the same trip at the same time. 

Get more information on the new features here

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