Video catches car crashing into Calif. gym wall, knocking man off treadmill

Updated 12:38 pm PDT, Monday, April 8, 2019

A man warming up on a treadmill for a group fitness class wound up feeling lucky to be alive when a car crashed through the wall of his Culver City gym, knocking him off the machine.

The man, Samuel Kiwasz, was at his gym, Anytime Fitness, on March 29 when a red SUV burst through the wall. The car, being driven by an unidentified woman without shoes on, collided with several treadmills, pushing Kiwasz into the back wall, as surveillance video shows.

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In the video, the woman can be seen initially getting out of her car to see if Kiwasz is okay before attempting to get back in. A police officer who happened to be at the gym exercising was able to intercept her before uniformed officers arrived, according to Fox LA.

The woman later told police her brake pedal failed.

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“It’s a miracle that I’m alive,” Kiwasz told KTTV. “All of a sudden there was this loud crash and the glass came flying and I got hit … and I got shoved back and I went flying and rolled to the side so I wouldn’t get crushed.”

As KTTV reported, the door to a back office was not locked, and it opened when Kiwasz hit it, possibly saving his life.

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